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Setting a New Standard for Online Animation Education

Learn from the animation industry’s best!
COURSES START ON July 9th, 2022

You are invited to take your passion for movement, acting, staging, timing, and storytelling to the next level! The Animation Master Academy was created to be the next evolution in online animation education. We do this by providing you with the best mentors and artists in the animation industry.


The Animation Master Academy Tracks offer a comprehensive slate of exciting and cutting-edge educational courses. These tracks enable students to pursue their interests and cultivate their skills in a variety of animation industry paths. Whatever your desired specialty, we have a track that will suit your training needs.

Animation Foundation Courses

Begin your animation story in our Act 1: Foundation classes. At AMA we know the value of developing solid fundamentals in animation principles, and the importance of building good habits within your animation workflow–which will set the stage for further success and growth.

Performance Animation Courses

You’ve laid down your animation foundations-now is the time to create the performance! Continue to go wider and deeper with your animation knowledge which allows you to combine animation principles and solid workflow in the blockbuster feature animation and television industries! You will concentrate on the nuances of animation performance whether it’s pantomime, facial performance, advanced acting and finally polish.

Animal/Creature Courses

This track is for students wanting to expand their skill set and widen their marketability in the animation arena. Creature animation makes for a killer demo reel–especially at blockbuster VFX studios and leading commercial and television FX houses! These studios create ultra realistic animation sequences of creatures doing amazing things in an eye-popping way–sequences that would be difficult or even impossible to create using motion capture!

Games/Realtime Courses

If you’ve had your foundations but games are more your speed then we have an animation track for you. In our Games/Rea-time track you will create animations ​that respond to gameplay and storytelling to help translate what the player is doing​ while being in control of where they go! You’ll learn to work with specific real-time rigs , game engines, while learning the specifics of animation within a gameplay scenario and be more successful within the games industry.

Character rigs built for learning animation!
What makes this learning experience unique?
Personal Feedback

Receive personal individual feedback on all submitted assignments from the industry’s best artists.

1+ Year Access

Enjoy over 365 days of full course access. This includes all lectures, feedback, and live Q&A recordings.

Certificate of Completion

Earn a Certificate of Completion for each course when you complete and turn in 80% of the course assignments.

Flexible Learning

Learn anywhere, any time, and at your own pace with our online courses.

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