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Manuel Tausch

Senior FX Technical Director

Oliver Wildt

It is a great course! The instructor seems to really want to teach people and not just show how stuff is done.

Peter Tong

I really liked the course and the way it was taught. I’m excited about VEX coding and would like to learn more. Looking forward to your more advanced course coming soon. Thanks for your great work!

Grzergorz Olesniewicz

I like how the instructor structured and taught this course. Having knowledge doesn’t always mean you have the skill to pass it on to someone, but this instructor definitely has it, and that’s why I find this course so awesome.

Martino Ferrara

For a beginner like me, this course was a real game-changer. I struggled a lot every week, but I know for sure that mastering these materials will be the foundations of my future works, and that’s really motivating!

Alasgar Hasanov

Thanks for such a unique and interesting course! The course was for sure very unique and intense—the most intense Houdini course I have taken!

Peter Anlauf

Manuel Tausch is an extremely high-skilled, positive and passionate teacher. It was a very challenging yet welcoming learning atmosphere throughout the course.

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