Eric Bouffard

Eric Bouffard

Matte Painting Supervisor


A Matte Painter with over a decade of experience

Eric Bouffard is currently a Matte Painter Supervisor at Walt Disney Animation Studios, working on the highly anticipated sequel, Frozen 2. Previously, Eric worked at Dreamworks Animation for 11 years, Asylum Visual Effects, Sony Play Station Cinematics, Third Floor and many other studios. Eric was promoted Matte Painting Supervisor in 2011 on “Rise of the Guardians” and followed up with supervising the highly anticipated “How to Train Your Dragon 2”. Eric most recently worked on “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” These films allowed the matte department to push the boundaries on creating digital environments by using a combination of techniques in Maya, Vue, Photoshop and Nuke to create stunning vistas such as Berk Island, North Pole’s palace, the Dragon Oasis, and more. Their work was nominated in both films for VES awards “Outstanding Environments in an Animated Movie”. Prior to 2011, Eric was a Matte Painter artist on “Over the Hedge”, “Kung Fu Panda”, and “Monsters vs. Aliens”; and a Lead Matte Painter on “Monsters vs. Pumpkins” and “Scared Shrekless” among other movies.

Bill Robinson
  • Emma Wittwer

    Eric is awesome!

  • Silvia Tjong

    Eric is awesome! I learned a lot from him. He is my first CGMA instructor and the good experience makes me interested to take more courses on this site.