Andres Rodriguez

Andres Rodriguez

Lead Environment Artist


Known for his immersive worlds and environmental storytelling.

Andres Rodriguez was born and raised in Mexico City. He then moved to San Diego where he obtained a degree in Video Game Art & Design. Andres has been in the video game industry- working as an environment artist -since graduating in 2009. Most recently, he’s spent the last five years as part of the Naughty Dog team. In that time, Andres has enjoyed working on critically acclaimed titles such as: “The Last of Us”, “Left Behind” and “Uncharted 4”.

Bill Robinson
  • Andy Fraser

    I liked how he showed interest in the students’ work. I watched other peoples’ critiques and he showed the same amount of interest.

  • Vincent Vaillancourt

    Excellent instructor.

  • Cody Hernandez

    Andres is probably the best teacher I ever had and I recommend this class (or other classes with him) to everyone.

  • Frank Heffner

    Good teacher. He’s laid back but stays focused and does a good job explaining what he is doing.

  • Joshua Williams

    He’s great, very knowledgeable, and gives awesome individual feedback. He’s an incredibly nice guy.

  • Scott Gudahl

    Andres is amazing! Always shows up with a great attitude and tried to always bring the best product to us. Couldn’t ask for more from an instructor!

  • Jaime Molina

    I learned a lot and appreciate all the information and input from Andres.

  • Jared Chavez

    Andres was great. Learned a ton!

  • Okan Beyit

    Andres was a great teacher. His comments, suggestions and critiques were very insightful and helpful in developing my project. His suggestions were always coupled with explanations and examples of why they would be beneficial which is a great way to develop an understanding of what to look for when developing our own work.