Alexander Richter

Alexander Richter

Technical Director


Alexander is a VES award winning Technical Director currently working at Weta Digital. Focused on feature animation and VFX films he worked on the pipeline at Weta Digital, Pixar-Disneys ‘Monsters at Work’ , The Amazing World of Gumball (Studio Soi), Pearl Quest (Framestore), The Elfins (arx anima) and Petzi (Studio Soi). He is specialized in coaching artists how to script, advanced lighting and changing culture. You can find his videos and podcast (21 Artist Show) on YouTube and at events around the globe.

Bill Robinson
  • Jacob DeRemer

    Amazing teaching style, completely comprehensive, I have taken a few python courses that were not maya centered but they were always bogged down by niche concepts and not paying enough attention to the core of python as a whole. I learned a lot and that is thanks to you!

  • Eric Hug

    Finally, someone who gets it! I have tried so many ways to learn coding: books, notes from MIT, directly from professional programmers, even through other online courses. All of them were either overly technical, or lacking on their explanations. But this guy? His feedback to questions was clear, constructive, and his teaching methodology has a strong foundation in common sense. Someone who knows nothing about Python can understand his explanations and finish everything – even an artist like me.

  • Luke Davenport

    Alex is fantastic at what he does and obviously has a natural aptitude for passing on information and scaling his feedback accordingly