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Mark Molnar and Pixoloid Studios

Lead Concept Artist

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Mark Molnar has been creating concepts and illustrations for 12+ years both as in-house artist and as a freelancer, working on projects like the multi-award winning Hellblade, Maze Runner, Planet of the Apes, Hercules, Splinter Cell: Backlist (cinematic), Godzilla and Riddick.

After living and working across three continents, he moved back to Hungary to help establish Pixoloid studios - a company specialising in pre-production of the entertainment industry. With his lead the studio has worked on more than 18 films and series including the Netflix original, Love, Death & Robots (The Secret War episode), the six times Emmy Nominated The Alienist series, the British Independent Film Award Nominee: Colette, the hollywood blockbuster Robin Hood and Nat Geo’s popular documentary sci-fi series Mars as well as various game trailers such as the recent trailer for Rainbow Six Siege.


I liked having multiple people lecturing and giving feedback throughout the course, it was an interesting change from usually just having the classes be a single instructor.