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Perry Leijten

Senior Technical Artist

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Perry is an experienced Senior Technical Artist who is skilled in game design, ZBrush, Unity3D, Python, and Houdini. He received his Bachelor of engineering (focused in 3D technical art) from NHTV Internationale Hogeschool Breda, and his past projects include "Tales of wedding rings VR," "Kingdom Hearts III," Ragesquid's "Action Henk" and "Horizon: Zero Dawn". Recently, he has contributed as a rigging technical artist to Twirlbound's upcoming game "Pine".


Best rigging instructor ever


Perry is extremely well advanced in the material he covers throughout his course, and very helpful in resolving any student issues via feedback. I highly recommend his course.


Thank you for the professionalism you have shown at all times and how well you have managed to lead the course. I have learned a lot with all the contents of the program.