Michal Kus

Michal Kus

Senior Concept Artist


Versatile concept artist with a penchant for futuristic mech art.

Michal’s passion for drawing carried over as when he noticed that he also likes to come up with his own shapes. This eventually led him to do some small time concept assignment when he was 19. After finishing his IT degree he decided he really wants to pursue his concept art passion instead of continuing a career in the IT sector.

In 2012 He started his career officially and full-time as a concept artist for ISOTX in Utrecht, Holland. There he developed a special passion for hardware design and vehicles in varieties of styles and settings. Ranging from steampunk, dieselpunk to sci-fi. In 2013 he wanted to develop further and went freelance. Since then he worked for different kinds of projects mostly in the game industry. Clients include, Jellyfish Picutres, EA Games, Disney, Marvel, Platige Image.

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