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Getting Started in the Game Industry: Interviews, Portfolios, and More

A 4-week course where students will develop skills for applying to jobs within the games industry.

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Get in the Game

This course will focus on all aspects for applying for and getting a job as a professional artist. The classes will cover developing a portfolio that best showcases your skills, developing a resume and applying for jobs, as well as preparing to present yourself well in an interview setting. You will get individualized feedback on your portfolio and will have the opportunity to practice answering likely interview questions.This is a rare opportunity to receive direct feedback and insight from an industry recruiter. We will also bring in a professional artist to provide more in-depth feedback from an artist's perspective on students' portfolios. By the end of this class, students should have a completed portfolio of their best work as well as a solid understanding of what employers typically look for in portfolios. Students will also have developed and improved skills in terms of applying for jobs, interviewing, and interacting with potential employers.


Course Format:   Live
Lecture Type:   Live
Feedback:   Live
Duration:   4 Weeks
Assignment:   Deadlines each week
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   word processor (Word, Google Docs, etc.)
Skills level:   Intermediate
Prerequisites:   Students should be at a point in their education/career where they are ready to begin looking for a job as an artist. Students should have enough artwork to constitute a portfolio and ideally have a portfolio already in development.

Getting Started in the Game Industry: Interviews, Portfolios, and More WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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Introduction to outline of the class | Applying for jobs | Overview of ideal portfolio components | Networking tips | Choosing your first job - things to consider | Overview of homework assignments (things to get started now) | Request for portfolio links so that portfolio reviews can happen over the course of the class | Resume building 101 | Cover letter writing
What to expect in an interview | Testing/work samples | Questions that may be asked | Best practices as an interviewee | Instructor will provide interview questions as a homework assignment that students can answer in written form | Following up and maintaining a relationship | What if you don't get the job?
Now that you've prepared for an interview, let's do some mock interviews using what you've learned | 2 or 3 live mock interviews during class (15 mins or so each). Students and instructor provide feedback
Portfolio reviews with instructor and professional artist | Wrap up any remaining areas that need a more focus/insight

Taking your skills to the next level

Kristin Christopher has over 15 years of HR and talent acquisition experience in the videogame industry, providing leadership at game development studios such as Bonfire Studios, Respawn Entertainment, Electronic Arts, and Infinity Ward. She has an extensive background in building and scaling teams, as well as advising professionals at all levels on developing their career paths and achieving their professional dreams. The teams that Kristin has helped build have shipped games such as Apex Legends, Jedi: Fallen Order, Titanfall, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Kristin's passion and purpose in her career has been to help others thrive in the workplace, both in teams and as individuals, and to create opportunities for rewarding experiences where creative professionals do their best work and develop great things together.


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