2D Animation Essentials

An 8-week course where students will learn the fundamentals of character animation, importance of emotions, and how to make efficient 2D animations

Course overview Course overview

Course Overview

Learn the basic principles of 2D Animation

Students should have taken at least one animation course prior to enrolling in this course, and should be familiar with one animation software (IE: TV Paint, Adobe Animate). From the basic principles to the importance of the emotions, this course will teach you how to understand everything important in animation and how to use it to make efficient 2d animations. (Note: Introductory course price, subject to change)


Course Format:   Standard
Lecture Type:   Pre-recorded
Feedback:   Individually recorded
Duration:   8 Weeks
Assignment:   Due each week. Expect to spend 8-10 hrs/wk viewing lectures, q&a, and assignment.
Q&A:   Once a week
Materials:   Computer, graphics tablet (IE: Wacom), Photoshop, Adobe Animate (previously Flash), TVPaint, or any other software allowing 2D animation
Skills level:   Intermediate
Prerequisites:   Must have a basic foundation drawing characters and knowledge of animation software. | Course Pre-req's include: Analytical Figure Drawing, Fundamentals of Character Design, Head Drawing and Construction, Foundations in Modern 2D Animation

Environment design WHAT YOU’LL LEARN

What you'll learn

The more you know, the better.

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Spacing, timing and stretch & squash
Incorporating feelings and emotions in your animation: Animating straight head
The importance of silhouettes
How to bring life thanks to desynchronisation
A way to unify everything we talked about to create an aesthetic movement.
How to make a first rough animation.
How to tie down and finish your rough animation.

Your journey starts here

Lectures by Xavier Ramonede

Xavier Ramonède learned animation at GOBELINS, l'école de l'image in Paris and graduated in 2005. Since then, he has mostly been working as a 2D animator for feature films (April and the Extraordinary World, Zarafa, The Illusionnist, and more.), commercials and music videos (Gorillaz, Deezer, Hermès, ) and web shows (Green Eggs and Ham, Les Kassos). He has been working too as a character designer, storyboard artist and directed short projects and pilots. Almost since he left GOBELINS, he's returned many times as an animation teacher. Most recently, he was the animation director on a Facebook commercial at Sun Creature studio.


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